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Dr P Prathapachandran Nair

Managing Editor

Dr Mannil Mohan

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Meaning of logo

In contemporaneous discourses on epistemology and knowledge representation,
it is presumed that every element of the knowable could be configured using
the dichotomic symbols emblematized by cipher and unity. These symbols actualise the notions of reality and imaginariness, presence and absence, yes-ness and no-ness and above all truth and falsity. The universal knowledge interactions are captured by the microcosmic interactions of these logical primitives. The logo is an attempt to picturize the two fundamental interoperations of these mutually antagonistic truth values. So the logo in a way summarises, or rather symbolises, the infinity of knowledge represented by the dichotomy of truth and falsity.

In the logo white represents nothingness and hence 0, and blue represents the ocean of knowledge and thus 1. The two fundamental operations on these logical symbols are AND and OR, and they are intutively described via the classical
truth tables.

The result of applying AND is indicated in the bottom-right corner and that
of OR in the top-left corner with appropriate colour. The logo of TSVJoR was synthesised by amalgamating into a single image the relevant fragments of the truth tables showing the results of the two operations.